it's only once a year. Thank god!!

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it's only once a year. Thank god!!

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 25, 2010 1:34 pm

merry christmas you lot!

It's a bit hectic here... littlies have had bikes as main presents and lots of other little things. hannah had a gumball machine from her uncle... one of those ones that you have to put a coin in and the gumball rolls down a little 'curly slide' (as the kids call it lol) Hannah tried eating all 200 gumballs quickly because cameron wants it for his marbles to go down lol.

she also had 3 sets of beads for making necklaces... i've hidden those Wink Some of you know about Camerons facination with the loo... well apparently the heart shaped beads flush but the blue round ones dont ..,oh and the Buzzlightyear bubble bath container doesn't flush but cleaning the loo with a whole bottle of bubblebath fills the bowl with bubbles.

and who the hell would send an autistic 4 year old a set of tools? They did remove the saw but that doesn't stop him trying to take the doors off their hinges does it?
Fave presents so far....
Hannah: the chuffing bell on her bike. tingting, tingting, ting ting.. SHUT UP!!!
Cameron: a pot of bart simpson goo that makes farting noises.
Me: The lock on my bathroom door that gives me 2 mins peace and quiet.

anyway... hope you all have fantastic days! Im off to play Hotwheels with Cameron whilst helping Hannah with her Solar system chart (little geek in the making there) cooking dinner, trying to grab a shower and entertain my 6 guests that will be here in an hour.... ill shove a broom up my ass and sweep as i go shall i?

Merry christmas all xxx

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Re: it's only once a year. Thank god!!

Post by Termínator™ on Sat Dec 25, 2010 2:15 pm

happy crimbo Hellen xxx
im just back from doin the family rounds from this mornin santa
now just after 2 pm im gona have some beers as its one of the few days i can have a drink drunken

hav a crackin time xxx

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